Relationships are our greatest resource

Personal Protective Equipment

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Meeting your organization’s PPE needs should NEVER include vulnerability, risks, disappointment or negative outcomes.
From your purchase order, until you take possession of your order, and every step in between, Buyers, Sellers and respective Broker intermediaries will benefit from Healthy Place PPE procurement facilitation services that makes procuring PPE much more streamlined, safe and secure.

Rising demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during COVID-19 has interrupted the industry’s supply chain. Healthy Place helps organizations securely and safely order, pay for, and receive essential PPE.

Through Our Authorized Consultants, Healthy Place PPE Procurement Facilitation [in Spot or Production Deals] is transparent and trustworthy.

Healthy Place PPE

Personal Protective Equipment You Can Trust

We never:


Make unrealistic promises, followed by excuses

Increase pricing during order fulfillment

Deliver used, damaged, repackaged or counterfeit goods.

We always:

Protect the interest of ALL parties

Adhere to Buyer, Seller and Broker commission mandates

Make certain there is a single title holder per lot

Confirm the quality of goods exchanged prior to releasing Buyer’s funds to Seller with physical inspection – Proof of Life. (Buyer’s representative can accompany POL inspection or view virtually).

Benefits of Healthy Place PPE procurement facilitation

Personal Protective Equipment You Can Trust
  • From OTG (On-the-Ground) Cash & Carry up to high volume Production orders, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are always followed, with no exceptions or excuses, ever!

  • No matter the size of your order, procedures are straightforward and easy for both Buyers and Sellers

  • Will provide tailored service that can be adapted to the needs of a specific transaction, which is especially important to high-volume PPE purchasers.

  • SGS inspection report(s) are available prior to fund disbursement

  • Only fully bonded and insured warehouses are used.

Relationships are our greatest resource.

Healthy Place PPE only facilitates it services with PPE manufacturer, distributor and logistics partners who are fully vetted and have been in the PPE supply space often more than 20 years. This reassures confidence and peace-of-mind for a smooth PPE transaction experience.

Healthy Place is an "Authorized Supplier of PPE for the State of Georgia."

Buyer Benefits

Buyers’ funds are securely held in escrow allowing Buyer the opportunity to inspect purchased merchandise before transfer of goods is complete.

Healthy Place PPE facilitation mitigates risks and reinforces protection of the Buyer from the fraudulent users that have unfortunately compromised the supply chain process during these challenging times.

One of our greatest service touchpoints for Buyers is pricing. Because our focus is service and solutions, Healthy Place PPE facilitators work diligently to find authentic, available and more affordable quality Personal Protective Equipment.

Seller Benefits

The Healthy Place PPE facilitation SOP safeguards that Sellers receive their funds when PPE purchased is released /delivered to the Buyer.

All shipments are trackable to ensure the Seller ships and the Buyer receives the merchandise.

Sellers are also protected from unanticipated chargebacks.

Broker Benefits

Complete adherence to NCNDA – Non-Circumvent Non-Disclosure Agreement

Confidential and discreet Broker-to-Broker coordination and management of transaction details before the process goes Attorney-to-Attorney

From start to finish, we keep the flow of communication smooth, with transparency and trust.

Assurance Broker fees are secured.

Negative test result by using rapid test device for COVID-19, no

Let Healthy Place Help

For all PPE needs, get started by completing our brief online Request for Quote
which will help us to assess the best PPE solution options for your organization. An experienced Healthy Place PPE care consultant will respond within 24-48 business hours. Due to the high number of inquiries, initial/new client contacts must begin with completing our questionnaire. 

We want to make your place a…Healthy Place!

For all additional questions or concerns regarding PPE, feel free to email us: CRM@HEALTHYPLACEPPE.COM

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